Telemotive Test Automation

On the fast lane to series production

Telemotive Test Automation (TTA) is an open and easy to use software framework. It enables a flexible and fast creation of test cases for ECUs. Apps, websites, IoT devices, sensors and software can be tested and validated automatically. TTA takes advantage of existing hardware and software tools and is able to fill any gap in the automated toolchain. TTA was developed according to the ISTQB standards and your codes are reusable.
Test automation has never been more user-friendly!

Based on Python 3, the software framework enables the developers to use open source packages and to benefit from an elaborate reporting with clear visualization. Pre-assembled units, sample code and easy-to-apply test case implementations enable a straightforward learning process for new users as well as accelerated development cycles. We continuously develop Telemotive Test Automation at the pulse of the market and offer customized solutions for individual requirements.

Easy Python® programming:
TTA syntax = Python® syntax
Intuitive handling for testers with HTML5 GUI
Quickly expandable through own Python® implementations
Clear and audit-proof reporting in any format
Adaptive integration and automation of the existing toolchain
High user flexibility with open API and unit architecture

TTA Features

Keyword Mapping and Matching
  • Test case specification written according to given format (i.e. Gherkin)
  • The test case specification is imported from a test management system
  • Automated test case generation with keyword catalogue and test case parser
  • Finished test case is now ready for execution
  • A report will be created in a given format
Test case parser
  • Imports a known and formalized test case specification from a test management system or file and converts it to a Python test case or TTA test script
  • Usage of intelligent keyword catalogues
Connection to test case repository management
  • Connected version control tools:
    • Git
    • Apache Subversion
    • Rational Team Concert (beta)
    • PTC Integrity (beta)
  • Indication icons for test case status in GUI (up-to-date, modified, added, untracked)
Connection to test management tools
  • PTC Integrity
  • HP ALM
  • Intland Code Beamer
  • IBM Doors
  • Microsoft Excel
Test bench configurator
  • Configure standard parameters for TTA units such as report format, logger, CAN, ISO-TP, Multimenter, PWM, Relay, UDS
  • Seamless integration of TTA OEM extension packages
  • Existing settings can be imported and exported
Remote access
  • Control of single test benches / TTA instances remotely via Web browser thanks to the server/client architecture
Open Alliance TC8 Ethernet testing
  • Conformance tests for layer 2-7
  • OEM- / Tier1-specific tests
Diagnostics and Flash
  • Unified Diagnostics Services (UDS)
    • The UDS Unit contains functions for all specified UDS Services and a class, defining all the constant parameters from the UDS protocol, in a way that the tester does not have to use the raw/hexadecimal values of the parameters.
  • ISO-TP
    • The ISO-TP Unit sends and receives messages via CAN according to the ISO transport protocol (ISO 15765-2)
  • Open Diagnostic Data Exchange (ODX) support
    • The ODX unit provides functions to access PDX-containers and its ODX-F definition files
    • Those containers and files can be used to access necessary information about the flash process for a given software container and the flash data itself
  • Trigger time outs
  • Flash ECU
    • The Flash unit provides the functionality for both partial and complete implementations of a flash-cycle, as well as building blocks for programming test cases at a user-friendly high level, using the UDS-protocol
    • It contains classes and functions, built in a way that the tester does not need to have deep knowledge of the UDS-protocol
  • Example of tests: Flash, Authentication, system, diagnostic, compliance
  • OEM-specific connections
  • Ethernet and CAN
    • Sending and receiving of messages
    • Parsing of message catalogues (e.g. FIBEX)
    • OEM specific implementations available
    • Ethernet: Diverse protocol implementations and Ethernet specific units
    • Diagnostics protocols over CAN
  • Serial
    • Access and configure serial interface
    • Can be used by several clients simultaneously
    • Data can be stored by byte
  • Image- / Frame grabber
    • Different image grabbing devices and drivers available
  • Android Debug Bridge (ADB)
    • Provides the basic communication layer between the Android device and TTA
    • Controls the connection and provides the basic communication with the Android device
    • Simulation of swipes and taps
    • Enables app and phone testing
  • OEM specific tooling and connections
  • Simulation tools and rest bus simulation
  • Anything from the Python network
    • Integrated packages such as Selenium, Jira/Confluence, …
Supported Hardware Connections
  • Touch device Robots
  • Frame grabbers
  • Bus interfaces
    • Hardware interfaces to send and receive bus messages
    • i.e. blue PiraT Mini
  • Programmable power supply units
  • Data loggers (reading buses i.e. CAN, Ethernet, FlexRay)
  • Controllable multimeters
  • Relays
    • Provides functions to operate relays on a relay board
    • Set relays, get the switching status (ON or OFF) of the relays, toggle and reset with easy commands in the TTA test case e.g. >>> relay.set(on=[2, 4, 8])
    • Boards can be connected using various interfaces (serial, USB, Ethernet)
  • Further hardware products can be added by the user due to the native Python approach of TTA
Adaptable image processing
  • Images are captured from external frame grabber devices (e.g. Epiphan) or directly via Secure Shell (SSH)
  • Techniques: image filtering & comparison, icon search, feature matching, video sequence analysis, image inversion, binarisation (OTSU algorithm), contour detection or other methods using OpenCV
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
    • Recognition of text in images to test against reference values
    • More than 100 language packages are implemented using Tesseract and Onenote
Audio testing
  • Validation of recorded audio signals & their quality such as signal tones (i.e. Head Unit), voice control / voice recognition, …
  • Comparison to reference signal with probability estimation
  • Transformation of audio signals to frequency area
  • Check of signal-noise-ratio and total harmonic distortion
Project roles and their TTA features
  • TTA features have been tailored for the project roles of a test automatization team.
  • The following image shows an overview of all features.

TTA Features

Use Case of TTA in
Software Unit Test

IT Services

How it helps your
business succeed

04 Steps

01. Consulting
We meet customers in set place to discuss the details about needs and demands before proposing a plan.
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02. Testing & Trying
After agreeing on the ideas and plans, we will conduct as scheduled and give comments on the results & adaptations.
03. Execute & install
Once the final plan is approved, everything will be conducted according to the agreed contract.
04. Training & Consulting
You receive dedicated consulting or/and training to use TTA. Please see our offers.
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Concurrent-user license

Perpetual license

Basic Software




Ethernet Basic Module

Valid for 3 months

Functionalities of TTA Core License

For free

Multi-user license

Perpetual license

Concurrent-user license

Linked to a TTA License

Valid for 12 / 24 / 36 months

Response time: 2 working days

Regular software updates and minor releases

Error corrections and performance improvements

Updates of the TTA documentation

Error / bug reporting

Acces to the TTA Software Center

Valid for unlimited number of TTA Core Licenses

Ethernet Protocols layer 2-7

test stub communication

State machine and Watchdog (DHCP + TCP)

Fibex Parser

Simulation SOME/IP


e.g TC8 Ethernet test cases, OEM specific units, ...

Engineering Services around TTA e.g. test case development, Customer-specific adaptations and integration into your toolchain, Consulting, ...)

Available upon request


What do people praise about Test Automation?

Dario Santak
Senior Software Test Engineer at NIPPON SEIKI
Thanks to its flexibility, we could adapt TTA easily to our existing testing tools and the reporting structure to our continuous integration environment.
Ning Liu

Software Test Engineering Manager at NIPPON SEIKI
Our colleagues learned very fast how to use the tool, since it is very intuitive. The detailed TTA documentation provided all the necessary explanations to quickly start working with the tool.



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